International video program on climate change

Curated by Kisito Assangni


At TRUST & MARKET, we are lovers of art in all its forms. From January 19 to 23 in Los Angeles, at the international art fair LA ART SHOW, ECOPOETICS OF GENERIC WORLD video projection offers a range of artistic positions and responses relating to impending climate action. The project is a screening that features works by international contemporary artists working at the intersection of the arts, climate change, culture and technology. This video screening is curated by Kisito Assangni, a Togolese-French curator and consultant who studied museology at Ecole du Louvre in Paris..

Discover some images of the artists present on this exhibition and do not hesitate to make a detour to the LA ART SHOW if you are passing through Los Angeles.





Los Angeles

January 19 - 23, 2022


For the DIVERSEartLA 2022, curated by Marisa Caicholo at the LA Art Show, curator Kisito Assangni is contributing a curated program of international video artists as part of an architectural installation engaging with issues of environmental health and climate change. The large-scale sculptural object created by Daniela Soberman, which houses the video components and photographic elements, is curated by Max Presneill of the Torrance Art Museum.

Climate change is arguably the most pressing socio-political issue of our time, with famine, poverty, loss of bio-diversity, and mass-relocation hanging in the balance. Nowadays, politically responsible contemporary art needs to explicitly take account of ecological issues.

ECOPOETICS OF GENERIC WORLD offers a range of artistic positions and responses to the dichotomy of impending climate change. In his 1967 seminal article The Roots of Our Ecological Crisis, historian Lynn White argues that what people do about their ecology depends on what they think about themselves in relation to things around them. Climate change is a man-made problem and deserves the attention of the masses. Why do many people say they care about the environment but then do nothing about it? To answer this question, we must understand how humans think and act as groups, our socially and culturally mediated ways of interacting with  each other, other species, and the world around us.

ECOPOETICS OF GENERIC WORLD wants to look at climate change like a syndrome with different factors that taps into something larger, because not every artist is approaching it from the same angle. The project consists of a screening that presents works by international contemporary artists working in the intersection of arts, climate change, culture and technology. Most film and video works offer a variety of opinions and outlooks. Through this program, the selected artists demonstrate the capacity to shape climate communications and create metaphors that could open the eyes of public opinion throughout experiences and emotions.

From experimental video to short film, ECOPOETICS OF GENERIC WORLD finds new ways to think about our environment and our own place in all that.



Angelina Voskopoulou (Greece), Amina Zoubir (Algeria), Badr El Hammami (Morocco), Enoh Lienemann (Nigeria), Gernot Wieland (Austria), Kent Anderson Butler (USA), Peter Brandt (Denmark), Piyali Ghosh (India), Stéphanie Pommeret (France), Txema Novelo (Mexico).


About the curator

Kisito Assangni is a Togolese-French curator and consultant who studied museology at Ecole du Louvre in Paris. Currently living between UK, France and Togo, his research interests gravitate towards the cultural impact of globalization, psychogeography, and critical education. He investigates the modes of cultural production that combine theory and practice. He inherently aims at going beyond the usual relations between artist, curator, institution, audience, and artwork in order to engage audiences in encounters with art that are unexpected, transformative, and fun. Assangni is heavily involved in video, performance, and experimental sound.

His discursive public programs and exhibitions have been shown internationally, including the Venice Biennale, ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Malmo Konsthall, Sweden; Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles; Es Baluard Museum of Art, Palma, Spain; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; HANGAR, Lisbon; Marrakech Biennale among others.

Assangni has participated in talks, seminars, and symposia at numerous institutions such as the British Museum, London; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Ben Uri Museum, London; Pori Art Museum, Finland; Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen (Norway); Sala Rekalde Foundation, Bilbao; Depart Foundation, Malibu (USA); Cambridge School of Art, UK; Sint-Lukas University, Brussels; University of Plymouth, UK; University of Pretoria, South Africa; Motorenhalle Centre of Contemporary Art, Dresden (Germany); Kunsthalle Sao Paulo, Brazil; Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Switzerland.

 He is a contributing editor at ArtDependence Magazine and Arshake.

Assangni is the founder of TIME is Love Screening (International video art program) and serves as curatorial advisor to Latrobe Regional Gallery in Morwell - Victoria, Australia and Apexart in New York.



Angelina Voskopoulou, The Seed, 2013
Stephanie Pommeret, Poules et chèvres, 2019.
Badr El Hammami, Mirage, 2018
Piyali Ghosh, Birth of a Wave, 2021
Enoh Lienemann, Dirty Waters, 2020


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